How to become a Plasterer

Building and Construction is an excellent career path to choose. However, with a wide range of trade options and industry specialisms to choose from, it can often be a daunting proposition. However Plastering NVQ Training can be a great way to enter into a constantly in-demand industry. Read on below to find out more about Plastering, what is involved in Plastering NVQ training and how SB Skills can help you get where you want to get to with plastering.


What does a Plasterer do?

Plasterers are required on any medium sized to large scale construction project to coat the inside walls and ceilings of buildings. This helps preserve the structure and prepare them for decorating. You may also work on exterior plaster renderings.

Plastering can be broken down into three main subsets;

  1. Dry Lining: Dry Lining involved applying internal plasterboard or wallboard sections to a frame composed of metal or timber. This makes these structures more compartmentalised and makes them ready for decorating.
  2. Solid Plastering: In Solid Plastering, a wet finish is applied to surfaces. This enables protective materials to be incorporated. This includes materials like pebbledash and external walls.
  3. Fibrous Plastering: Fibrous Plastering straddles the line between artform and construction. This practice allows ornamental features to be created such as architraves and ceiling features. This is done using a mixture of plaster and short fibers that are shaped by using moulds and casts.


What do I need to become a Plasterer?

Although you do not need a formal qualification to be a Plasterer, most building site managers tend to want some form of qualification or apprenticeship that proves and demonstrates a profound interest in the industry. An example of this can include the Level 3 NVQ in Plastering that we offer here at SB Skills. Using this qualification you should be able to obtain a Gold CSCS Card or Advanced Craft Card that proves mastery of your craft.


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