CITB Skills and Training Fund

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CITB Skills and Training Fund

Who is the fund for?

The CITB Skills and Training fund is designed for micro and small construction companies, in order to develop the skills of their workforce at a more affordable rate. If your company is a CITB-registered employer with up to 99 directly employed staff you can apply once every 12 months for the funding. Applications are then reviewed on a monthly basis and approved or denied based on whether you are eligible for the skills and training fund.

What does the fund do?

The fund will incentivise you to access CITB grant eligible training in order to increase the skill set of your workforce. The skills and training fund will provide funding related to the scale of the business:

  • Employers with 1 to 49 directly employed staff can receive up to £5,000.
  • Employers with 50 to 74 directly employed staff can receive up to £7,500.
  • Employers with 75 to 99 directly employed staff can receive up to £10,000.

How do I apply?

CITB has made the application process simple in order to ensure all small businesses, that are eligible for the grant can benefit! The short application form should be filled out and returned to CITB for approval. You can access the application form here.

Why should I use the CITB Skills and Training Fund?

If you are a small business then this fund will benefit you and your workforce greatly. The cost of your training courses could be funded up to £10,000 which could allow you to train more employees or train employees to a higher level, who wouldn’t want that?

Why choose SB Skills?

SB Skills Solutions has a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering courses at our CITB accredited training centre and on-site. We are able to provide courses that are ‘CITB fund’ applicable to you and your workforce. If you want to more information about any courses that we provide, send an enquiry here.

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SB Skills are fully accredited to provide training and testing courses to the construction, engineering, warehousing and petrochemical industries.