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Have you ever considered hiring an apprentice? Have you previously been pleased with the high standard of training SB Skills have provided your company? If that’s a yes to both, and let’s be honest, the chances are the latter was a yes, then look no further than SB Skills again for your apprenticeships!

SB Skills have recently been RoATP (Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers) approved, which means that we are registered to provide the training for apprentices.

So What Does This Mean?

It means that if you are a company looking to employ and train apprentices, then you should come to us for your apprenticeship solutions. It also means that we are now eligible to receive funding to train apprentices in the UK.

Why Choose SB Skills?

SB Skills have a proven record of high-quality training across the UK, which is always delivered in a timely manner. This shows our commitment to the training industry and to your apprentices. If you’re a long-time customer of SB Skills, you’ll already know why you should choose us to deliver your apprenticeships. We also have access to our own plant machinery which will mean that your needs will always be met when you’re dealing with SB Skills.

What Type of Apprenticeships do you Train?

We will be focusing mainly on Warehousing, Construction Operations, Plant Operations and Occupational Work Supervision. This allows us to focus on what we know and provide you with the best possible service. So are you ready to help some young people enter the workforce as well as bringing in fresh new members into your own team?

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SB Skills are fully accredited to provide training and testing courses to the construction, engineering, warehousing and petrochemical industries.