Online Training Courses

What are online training courses?

Online training courses are exactly what they say that they are. You probably already knew that though when you clicked on this post, but you wanted to find out more about them. Online training courses are a way of efficiently confirming the competency of your members of staff.

Why should we consider online training?

Well, you should consider online training courses if you have a large workforce that you need to train quickly. The courses will allow you to distribute logins to your staff members and have them take the course in the downtime. Since you can take the course at any time of the day, this may be ideal in businesses where that can’t afford to let a member of staff go on training for a full day. This allows staff to carry out the training in the day when they have less work to complete.

Furthermore, all of our online training courses are fully accredited, meaning that there is a professional body backing the training. This shows that the courses do deliver the correct content required to train a candidate.

So why doesn’t everyone train online?

Of course, if online training was so brilliant, why would people still book real-life training courses with us? Well, that’s because there are just some things that you can’t teach over the computer. Consider, plant training for example, do you think that you could train an operator on an excavator by reading online information? Probably not, unless they are naturally gifted. Real-life training courses allow you to talk to your instructor which in-turn allows them to tailor the course to your knowledge level. There is also the risk of cheating in the test. Candidates that you put on it could share the answers, this would mean that staff wouldn’t get the full training required.

What should we do then?

Between taking your staff out of work for a full day of training or putting your staff on a computer for a few hours, the decision is really your own. However, there are a few things to consider when approaching online training. Employees may cheat the course which reduces the value of taking the course. Are you training staff to tick compliance boxes? Finally, do the benefits of online training, outweigh the costs of online training?

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