The easiest way to get Apprenticeship funding

The easiest way to get Apprenticeship funding

Apprenticeship Funding - Explaining the 95%

How do you get apprenticeship funding?

The world of apprenticeships and funding is extremely confusing at times… But it doesn’t have to be. At SB Skills Solutions, we’re dedicated to making sure that you have the access to apprenticeship funding that you need. We are able to make sure that everyone has access to the 95% apprenticeship funding they deserve.

About the apprenticeship funding

The apprenticeship funding that non-levy customers are eligible to receive is funded by the National Apprenticeship Service. The main apprenticeship funding that you will be eligible for is a 95% funded apprenticeship. That means you’ll only pay 5% of the total apprenticeship training cost! However, there is a fully-funded apprenticeship which applies if the apprentice is between the age of 16-18.

By hiring a 16-18-year-old, not only will you benefit from 100% funded apprenticeship training, but you will also benefit from the AGE grant after 3 months of employing the apprentice. This is a £1000 grant that can be spent on anything that you please.

For Apprenticeship Levy paying customers, you’ll pay for the apprenticeship out of your digital apprenticeship levy bank account. This means that, provided there’s enough in your digital bank account, the training will be basically free! Since it’s a legal requirement to pay into the apprenticeship levy, you wouldn’t be losing out on any money that you could spend elsewhere.

How do I get the apprenticeship funding?

The first step in securing the apprenticeship funding in the easiest way possible is to give us a call. One of our highly knowledgeable apprenticeship consultants are always on hand to give you the advice you need.

The second step is to register on the National Apprenticeship Service website, there you will be able to choose to reserve funding with your training provider of choice.

Thirdly, speak to us about how you can use your finding in the most efficient way possible to make sure your business can get the most out of the apprenticeship scheme!

What are you waiting for?

That’s all there is to it!

Give us a call today to find out how we can help you to get the most out of the apprenticeship programme.


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