If your Blue Competent Operator Card is within the expiry date, then you can follow the path explained here. If you card has been expired already, you can navigate to ‘Expired Blue Cards’ at the bottom of this page.

There are three steps which you need to follow in order to renew your blue card, which are explained as follows:

  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Test

You need to pass this test in your relevant category within 2 years of actual renewal of your card.

  • CPCS Renewal Examination

The HSE and CPCS test can be registered for and taken at the same time. CPCS renewal test needs to be passed within the last 2 years in the category you wish you to renew. For more information on renewal, please visit the ‘Module Matcher’.

  • Practical Experience Proof

For All Cardholders:

You need to have 300 hours of logbook pro rata over your 5 years of experience, which must be signed and verified by a CPCS registered validator.

The electronic log book can be found here.

The validator application form can be obtained from here.

The notes for validators can be accessed here.