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Complaints Policy


SB Skills Solutions Ltd is committed to providing the best possible service, and we recognise that occasionally customers may feel that they have cause to complain about the service they have received.

We encourage feedback from all customers, including complaints and have developed a complaints policy and associated complaints procedure, which details how individual complaints will be handled.

All candidates will have the complaints procedure explained to them on their induction top the course.

If you are not satisfied with the way we have handled your complaint, this will be dealt with as a failure of service under the terms of our complaints policy.


SB Skills Solutions Ltd aims to resolve complaints quickly, fairly and effectively. Complaints can be made via, phone, writing or in person.

Stage One:

We will try to deal with your complaint informally, by either phone, email, in writing or in person. Our staff will try to settle your complaint without you needing to do anything else. We will respond to your complaint within 15 working days. If we cannot sort your complaint out within this time frame we will write to you and let you know the person handling your complaint and a timeframe this should be resolved. If you are not satisfied with the solution offered this will be escalated to stage two.

Stage Two:

This will now be dealt with as a formal complaint, formal complaints must be put in writing to the managing director. You will then hear from the MD within 5 working days of your formal complaint with a solution. If deemed necessary a senior officer of the company will conduct an investigation. If you are part of a ESF funded course you can complain directly to the ESFA.

Once your complaint is dealt with to a satisfactory conclusion records will be kept on file for a 12 month period.

SB Skills Solutions Ltd Complaints Policy and associated Procedure will be readily available to customers.


The Managing Director is responsible for developing and encouraging good customer care handling practice.

Compliance with the Complaints Policy is the responsibility of all members of the company.


The SB Skills Solutions Ltd Complaints Policy is available in hard copy, and via our website.

Please contact the Managing Director if you wish to access this document in another format.

Equality & Diversity

Learners have the right to express dissatisfaction with the services they receive from SB Skills Solutions Ltd.  Learners using this policy can expect to be treated fairly and without discrimination.

Staff and Volunteers

All contractual staff and volunteers who work for SB Skills Solutions Ltd are afforded the same rights and duty of care as the candidates in the above procedure (Company handbook issued to all staff for more detailed information).