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The construction industry wants more projects

There is a political and economic instability faced by the UK at the moment caused due to the Brexit vote. However, even in such circumstances, the construction firms in the country are pressing and urging the government to increase major housing projects and skill development projects. The firms opine that if the government will support them by showing commitment towards labour-intensive projects, then the industry will be able to provide sustainable infrastructure.

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The message from the Scottish Building Federation (SBF) came as its latest quarterly survey found that confidence among construction employers north of the Border has sunk to a three-year low in the wake of last week’s Brexit vote.

The Scottish Construction Monitor, which surveyed 65 Scottish construction firms this month and allowed members to update their views after the EU referendum, dropped by 22 points to -19.

It paints a picture of deteriorating confidence across the industry over the last year. From a peak reading of +35 in the second quarter of 2015, the monitor dropped to +3 in the first quarter of this year, before sliding significantly in light of the referendum.

It is the first time since the second quarter of 2013 that the Scottish Construction Monitor has recorded a negative overall confidence rating since from industry employers.

The findings come after the previous survey found that one in three SBF members said they thought a vote in favor of the UK exiting the EU would be bad for their business.

Having peaked at around 2,700 in 2007, apprentice numbers slumped to 1000 at the height of recession, before steadily rebounding.

It is hoped the total will climb to the 1,600 this year, however Mr. Hart said there are fears that the “process of negotiating the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union could result in paralysis within Government”.

On the possible risk to apprenticeship recruitment, Mr. Hart said: “My fear is that we could go back the way. And I think if it does that would be a huge retrograde step the industry does not need.

Author: Scott Wright

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