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CPCS Cards and CPCS Training

What is CPCS? – Do I need it?

CPCS (Construction Plant Competence Scheme) is a card scheme created to reflect and showcase the competence of plant operating personnel. Launched in the year 2003, CPCS is a standard to show how competent a plant worker is. CPCS was started due to requests put forward by several employers in the UK. It is controlled and run by the authority CITB (Construction Industry Training Board). The main objective of creating CPCS Is to standardize different practices for plant operatives throughout the country. In 2019, NOCN Job Cards acquired the Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) the leading skills certification scheme for plant within the UK construction industry from CITB.

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Stage 1 – Getting a red CPCS card

The CPCS certified, red colored, Red Trained Operator Card (also known as the red card) displays and showcases the skills and knowledge of plant operatives in the construction sector. It is basically a certificate that proves your knowledge and skill in your professional area and that you are well-versed in CPCS standards.

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Stage 2 – Getting a Blue CPCS Card

During the period of your Red Trained Operator Card for two years, which is non-renewable, you need to undertake your relevant NVQ to upgrade your membership to the Blue Competent Operator Card.

NVQs are achieved in your respective field of expertise and demonstrate your skill and in-depth knowledge of all the CPCS standards along with your experience. In order to obtain a NVQ, you need a proof of your professional experience and skill.

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Stage 3 – Renewing a Blue CPCS Card

If your Blue Competent Operator Card is within the expiry date, then you can follow the path explained here. The HSE and CPCS test can be registered for and taken at the same time. CPCS renewal test needs to be passed within the last 2 years in the category you wish you to renew.

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Expired Red CPCS Cards

The Red Trained Operator Card has a validity of 2 years. This card cannot be renewed and you need to obtain the Blue Competent Operator Card by completing the relevant NVQ.

If your card has been expired for more than two years, you can still re-enter the CPCS scheme. You can read below and find which situation you lie in. Also, please contact SB Skills Solutions in case of further questions.

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