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Is your forklift knowledge in need of updating? Maybe you have had a change of career since you first trained as a forklift operator or perhaps it’s been a while since you got behind the wheel of a B2 forklift.

Whatever your reasoning for considering additional forklift truck training, we can help you identify the best time to take this refresher training.

Below, we explore who should consider taking a refresher forklift course as well as what you can expect from this type of training, and how often you should brush up on your forklift operating skills.

We’ll also reveal how long a refresher forklift training course (or FLT refresher course) lasts and explain the various forklift refresher training requirements.

What is a refresher forklift training course?

A refresher forklift course is simply a course designed to provide additional training to operators that have already passed basic forklift training. Unlike standard forklift training or conversion training, these courses cost less to take and don’t last as long as forklift training for beginners or individuals with no forklift experience.

Any refresher forklift training course must meet the requirements employers have to ensure the relevant health and safety procedures stipulated by the 1974 act (as well as other applicable regulations) are upheld in the workplace. This includes abiding by the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) and the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER).

Who should take a refresher forklift course?

Refresher forklift courses are specifically designed to be taken by operators that have already received adequate formal basic forklift operator training.

These individuals must be certified to operate either industrial counterbalance trucks or rider-operated reach lift trucks and documentary evidence to support this must also be provided.

Not to mention, anyone that plans on taking a refresher forklift course should also satisfy the forklift refresher training requirements set out by the HSE in their L117 ACOP (Approved Code of Practice).

This includes being of minimum school leaving age, having a reasonable degree of physical fitness, and being able to speak and write English to the extent that the applicant can complete the refresher course and its exam.

What happens on a forklift refresher course?

During a forklift refresher course, individuals will be taught three key aspects of operating a forklift.

First, the operators will be taught how to safely and correctly operate the type of truck used during the course according to the manufacturer’s operator procedures manual.

Second, the applicants will be taught the different ways in which trucks and their loads can become unstable. To complete the course successfully, they must be able to identify these causes and demonstrate understanding of how instability is created when operating a forklift truck.

Finally, any forklift operator must be able to carry out the routine pre-use inspection of the vehicle to ensure it’s safe.

How long does a forklift refresher take?

A forklift refresher course typically lasts no longer than a day, with one-to-one refresher classes often lasting a matter of hours.

Here at SB Skills Solutions, our forklift refresher courses last 4.5 hours for one-to-one classes.

If there are two members on the course, however, the training is extended to last up to 5.5 hours, while three members on the course extends the length of the training again to 6.5 hours.

How long does a forklift refresher last?

While there is no set period for refreshing your forklift operating knowledge, it is generally accepted that additional training is required between three to five years, with HSE recommending extra training after three years. You may also decide that a refresher course is required after a significant period of absence from the construction or warehousing industry.

Ultimately, the frequency of refresher training is often at the individual’s or the employer’s discretion, but automatic refresher courses or a retest after a few years are great ways to ensure these machines are being operated competently and safely.

Book a refresher course for forklift operators!

Here at SB Skills Solutions, we offer a nationally-recognised industrial forklift refresher training course that comes with either basic ITSSAR or NPORS registration, full certification, and test fees included! Upon successful completion of the course, you’ll also be provided with a photographic ID card and a certificate of basic training.

This refresher course for forklift operators even comes with the choice of training onsite at either HQ in West Lancashire or our Manchester premises.

This allows us to easily accommodate a wide range of clients dotted across the UK.

Why choose SB Skills Solutions?

Wondering why you should choose SB Skills Solutions?

As a trusted family-owned business, we have the experience and the knowledge to provide an exceptional level of training and customer service. Boasting a wide range of fully accredited courses, we pride ourselves on the quality of training, ensuring it’s both efficient and effective.

This allows us to offer comprehensive training delivered by professional instructors and qualified examiners all for an affordable price.

We deliver training at locations across the UK for private customers as well as countless commercial clients looking to upskill their employees.

Contact our expert trainers today!

Keen to find out more about our training courses?

Or maybe you’d like to book your place on our next industrial forklift training course.

Whatever your reason for reaching out, feel free to get in touch. You can either contact us by calling us on 01695 558 420, sending an email to, or heading online to complete our convenient online contact form.

Regardless of how you choose to get in touch, you can rest assured that one of our experienced team members will be in contact shortly to provide unmatched support.

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