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This incredible fast forwarded footage shows the construction of the exam building in Cambridge University

A footage, which has been fast forwarded to last a mere 56 seconds, shows an incredible construction of an examination building in the Cambridge University. The footage is amazing and fascinating and reveals that the construction company Bouygues UK is working on the third floor of the four storey building. It is an amazing footage and you must not miss it and it will take only 56 seconds of your time!

Read the complete article and watch the footage to learn more!

A spokeswoman for the company said: “As you’ll see in this fascinating time-lapse footage it’s coming along fast, with main contractors Bouygues UK now starting work on the third floor of the four storey building.

“The building design is both contemporary and in keeping with the neighbouring conservation area and surrounding buildings and will include a courtyard entrance and extensive green and outdoor spaces. Also starting to emerge is a seven storey (39m) tower, that will be topped by a major piece of public art set to be a landmark when approaching Cambridge from the south of the city.

“The artwork, by leading artists Vong Phaophanit and Claire Oboussier, will feature layer upon layer of script in different languages that will be printed onto glass. A second work will feature at the entrance to the building. The tower art will be a parchment colour and the 33m long entrance artwork will be in an indigo/inky shade (both colours chosen for their link to academic practice).

“The words are made up of answers to the question ‘What is Knowledge?’ which have been submitted by the public in 34 different languages. The artists have also used Cambridge Assessment’s extensive archives to find words for the work.

Author: Raymond Brown

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