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CPCS Slinger Signaller Training

Our signaller/ slinger training courses are set out to make sure you understand everything to do with that specific role within the construction industry. Our team will provide you with all the information you need and provide help and assistance to ensure you get the signaller/ slinger training you’re looking to acquire.

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Slinger Signaller Training 

A slinger/signaller course is essential for anyone wishing to work on a site in this role. The slinger signaller acts as the eyes and ears of a crane operator. The person operating the crane will not be able to see everything that is going on around them because of having an obstructed view.

The slinger/signaller must be able to direct the crane safely and efficiently, during loading and lifting operations, this is done by using special hand signals. These are standard signals, which follow BS 7121 code of practice for the safe use of cranes.

Health and Safety legislation covering safety signs and signals also includes essential hand signals for use on construction sites. The slinger signaller must make precise signals, which the crane operator can easily understand. Therefore, it is important that these signals are agreed upon with the crane operator before operations commence.

In certain weather conditions, where visibility is affected by heavy rain, fog or mist, then the slinger signaller may be able to use batons and high vis gloves as a substitute for hand signals.

Another alternative is the use of two-way radios, which are widely used. Radios are commonly used by Slinger Signallers that work with tower cranes where the line of sight is often lost.

Part of the slinger signaller’s role is having the authority to halt crane operations if they deem that the conditions are too hazardous to continue working.

CPCS Slinger Signaller Training Course

The CPCS Slinger Signaller course for novices teaches people with little or no experience in working as a slinger signaller with all the theoretical and practical knowledge they need to carry out the role safely and competently.

The slinger signaller plays a very important role in keeping the construction site safe.

The role of the slinger signaller is to act as the eyes on the ground for crane operators, communicating with them via hand signals or two-way radio to help them to lift and move loads whilst ensuring the safety of everyone else on the site.

The full CPCS Slinger Signaller course is carried out over four days, (three days of full-time training and one assessment day).

This course is accredited by the Construction Plant Competence Scheme, the most widely recognised accreditation in the construction industry.

Who Should Take Slinger Signaller Training?

Site managers and contractors require employees on-site to meet proper health and safety standards. To be HSE compliant, this requires that operators can demonstrate the safe and efficient use of machinery.

The slinger/signaller comes under these requirements, as they perform an indispensable function on-site and the safety of others depends on their actions.

Even though a slinger signaller training course is not compulsory, it is essential for anyone wishing to be employed in this role on a construction site.  The best way of ensuring they are properly qualified is to take an accredited course, from an awarding body such as CPCS.  The course objectives of the CPCS slinger/signaller training are to give participants clear, thorough training in all aspects of the slinger signaller role. This training is to ensure that they can provide the necessary signals clearly to crane operators, to support their safe operation of equipment. The slinger/signaller course aims to deliver a level of training that enables participants to receive certification from a recognised awarding body. This certification demonstrates that they have the appropriate skill levels of a slinger signaller.

What Will You Learn on CPCS Slinger Signaller Course?

All jobs involving work equipment require proper training to required standards. Participants on the slinger signaller training course will learn how to perform tasks effectively and safely.
They will learn:

  • Relevant regulations affecting their job
  • Their legal responsibilities
  • The operational requirements of lifting tasks
  • Features of the equipment
  • How to use the equipment safely
  • Correct procedures for manoeuvring equipment
  • Main causes of accidents and how to prevent them
  • Approved and pre-arranged hand signals for communication
  • Checking lifting equipment (slings, hooks, etc)

CPCS Slinger Signaller (A40) Course

The CPCS Slinger Signaller A40 course aims to provide slinger signallers with the knowledge and skills they require to carry out their work to a high standard.

This course can be tailored to the individual as it is split into five separate qualifications, each of which is available at different levels of experience.

Candidates can choose from the following different slinger signaller qualifications:

  • A40A: Slinger Signaller for all machines, including pick and carry duties.
  • A40B: Slinger Signaller for static cranes only.
  • A40C: Slinger Signaller for Lorry Loaders only.
  • A40D: Slinger Signaller for 360 Excavators only.
  • A40E: Slinger Signaller for Telehandlers only.

The course is also available at either foundation, foundation plus, or experienced worker refresher level.

Candidates should pick the course most suited to their role and level of experience, for most this will be the A40A course.

The A40 course covers both theory and practical learning. Learners will need to have passed the CSCS Health, Safety, and Environment test within the last 2 years to qualify to take this course.  The A40 Slinger Signaller course from CPCS will reward a red trained operator card on completion, enabling candidates to go on and undertake the relevant Level 2 Plant Operations NVQ to enable them to obtain a blue competence card.

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Upon completion, learners will be able to apply for their CPCS red trained operative card.

NPORS Slinger Signaller (N402) Course

The NPORS Slinger Signaller N402 course provides candidates with both theory and practical training in working as a slinger signaller on a construction site.

The NPORS slinger signaller training course is recognised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Completion of this course will ensure that individuals working as banksman are doing so safely according to all relevant legislation and standards, including LOLER 1998 and BS 7121.

This course can be tailored to each individual’s level of experience. Most people new to the role will be required to complete the novice level training, the course is also available at refresher level, or at Experienced Worker Test (EWT) level.  The novice N402 training course is suitable for anyone and provides entry-level training in working as a slinger signaller. To qualify for experienced worker slinger signaller training you will need evidence of experience working in a role as a slinger signaller.  All learners will also need to have passed the CITB Health, Safety, and Environment test within the last 2 years to qualify to take this course.

NPORS – National Plant Operators Registration Scheme is a widely recognised accreditation specialising in the construction sector.  On successful completion of the course, delegates will receive a Red Competent Card which is valid for 2 years.  In that time delegates will be required to complete the relevant Level 2 Plant Operations NVQ in order to update their card to a Blue Competency Card.

FAQS on CPCS Slinger Signaller (A40) Course

Is this course accredited?

Yes, this course is accredited by the CPCS (Construction Plant Competence Scheme).

CPCS provides Red Trained Operator card upon successful completion of an accredited course.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

To attend and complete the CPCS slinger signaller training course, you should have good written and spoken English. The course includes both theory and practical elements, so you need these skills.

You must also have successfully passed the Health, Safety, and Environment test for Operatives (HS&E test) within the last two years.

What is the course duration?

The CPCS slinger signaller training course takes between one and four days, depending on the experience of the participants.

This course can be tailored to the individual’s level of experience, so the duration of the course can vary.

Entry-level applicants with no experience working as a slinger signaller will be required to take the 4-day CPCS A40a – Slinger/Signaller for Novice.

Those with prior experience working as a slinger signaller may be eligible to take the experienced worker course can attend a two-day course.

Slinger Signaller Training from SB Skills Solutions Ltd

SB Skills Solutions Ltd provides fully accredited CPCS  slinger signaller training courses to clients across the North West, including Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Lancashire.

Where you require, we can tailor our courses especially, so that they meet specific training needs for your operators to achieve legally required standards. Where your business involves specific health and safety elements, we can incorporate these into the training we provide.

We can also adapt to the training environment to match the type of site where your operators will be working. We know that you want to demonstrate a commitment to your employees’ safety that goes beyond compliance and regulations.

Our carefully structured, rigorous and engaging training courses can help you do this. They will also help to ensure that your workplace operations are safe, encouraging and supporting professional, productive working.

Please browse the construction training courses we offer on this website.

For more information, speak to a member of our team on 01695 558420, or complete our online contact form and we will be in touch shortly.

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