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The ITSSAR Crusher course aims to provide the candidate with a thorough practical and theory training in operating a Crusher in order to to enable the candidate to pass the ITSSAR Theory and Practical Tests.

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A crusher is a piece of machinery designed to reduce large pieces of rock and debris into smaller, more manageable pieces. It is used in construction, as well as in industries like mining and can include machinery like stone crushers and belt conveyors. Crusher operator training courses are for delegates that will operate the machinery and ensures that the successful candidate can safely operate and maintain the machinery.

Courses from CPCS are available, and at SB Skills Solutions Ltd, we can customise a training course that is geared towards the specific machinery and working processes that you use. As well as testing and certification, we can provide clients with full training to help ensure that delegates have the best possible chance of successfully completing the training. We can teach foundation skills as well as more advanced operational techniques, according to the needs of your business.

SB Skills Solutions Ltd Is a specialist safety training company. We offer courses for businesses operating in the construction industry, as well as other businesses that use this potentially hazardous machinery. We are fully accredited, offer courses from some of the biggest accreditation bodies, and our instructors are not only fully qualified but have industry experience. Our courses include both theory and practical elements.

Participant Requirements

Our training courses are customised to the existing skill level of participants. We can teach any candidate, regardless of their skill level, and work towards certification from the relevant body. Call us to discuss your requirements.

The courses involve theory and practical elements. As such, it is important that candidates have a good level of written and spoken English skills. All candidates must have taken a Construction Skills Health and Safety touch screen course within the past 24 months to be eligible for the crusher operator training course.

Who Should Take Crusher Operator Training?

Crushers and screeners have the potential to do serious damage and cause major injuries. As such, it is vital that any individual that will be operating this machinery is qualified to do so. The crusher operator training course is suitable for any candidate that will use this type of machinery. It can be sat by individuals or groups of employees and is also suitable for managers and supervisors.

Course Objectives

The objective of the crusher training course is to ensure that operators can use the machinery safely. Employers can ensure that their workers, visitors, and any third parties are in a safe environment.

What Will Participants Learn?

Delegates will be taught how to use all elements of crusher machinery safely. They will be given an understanding of the health and safety regulations that govern the use of this type of plant machinery. They will be taught their individual job roles and responsibilities and how to ensure that the work area is safe and suitable before commencing work.

  • Construction Safety Awareness
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Preparing for Work
  • Travelling and Manoeuvring
  • Setting up for Work
  • Working Tasks
  • Completing Work
  • Shutting Down
  • Theory Test Learning


CPCS – The Construction Plan Competence Scheme is the largest accreditation board in the construction industry, and the most widely recognised. CPCS cards are recognised throughout the industry, and many employers and potential business partners request that operators have a CPCS competence card. Delegates can complete the CPCS crusher A42 course using our skilled and experienced trainers.

In-House – Every organisation is different, and every employee will have different competencies, existing skills, and job requirements and roles. At SB Skills we can tailor courses to meet these specific requirements, ensuring that every one of your employees is capable of safely performing their roles.

Crusher Operator Training Courses From SB Skills Ltd

Crusher operator training courses are vital to employees that will work with machinery like crushers and screeners. The course teaches basics of construction safety, as well as specific details of how to safely operate this machinery. At SB Skills Solutions Ltd, we offer courses from CPCS and can tailor course content according to job roles, requirements, and existing competencies. Browse our website to see the full list of safety courses we offer, or call us on 01695 558420 and speak to one of the team who will be happy to answer any questions and queries you have.

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