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Like any heavy machinery, dump trucks can be dangerous if they are not operated properly, and it is the responsibility of employers and site managers to ensure that their employees, visitors, and third parties are offered a safe working environment. Dumper truck training courses ensure that delegates have the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure the safe use of this type of machinery or vehicle.

Courses are available from industry relevant accreditation boards including CPCS, and the experienced SB Skills Solutions team can create and offer a customised training solution to your employees. This ensures that delegates are compliant with health and safety regulations, and further ensures that they have the core competencies to safely operate any machinery required. SB Skills Solutions Ltd’s instructors are qualified and experienced, and we can provide training to operators of any skill level.

SB Skills Solutions Ltd are a national training provider offering articulated dump truck training and other safety training courses to the construction, engineering, and other heavy industries. We are accredited by boards including CPCS and our instructors are highly qualified with industry experience. We offer both theory and practical training, ensuring that delegates receive a fully rounded and complete skill set.

Participant Requirements

Our safety training courses are geared towards those working in the construction and related industries. We offer practical and theory training, which means that all candidates should possess good English writing and verbal communication skills to ensure the successful completion of the training.

All candidates must have taken a Construction Skills Health and Safety touch screen test within the past two years to participate in the course.

Who Should Take Dumper Truck Training?

ADT training is an important health and safety requirement for dumper truck operators. Any employee that uses these vehicles on a regular basis should take the course, while supervisors and managers that may need to supervise or even take over the operation of these machines should also enrol. We can offer training to individuals from your organisation, as well as to groups.

Course Objectives

The objective of dumper driver training is to ensure the safety of sites where this machinery is used. The machines are heavy and can be potentially dangerous. Users will work towards receiving accreditation from the relevant board. In the case of CSPS dump truck training, the objective is for the candidate to successfully achieve their blue competence card.

What Will Participants Learn?

It is important that operators learn how their machinery and their working processes fit into the overall safety of a site. As such, an overall understanding of construction safety will be taught. Candidates will be taught how to assess the safety requirements of a site, how to conduct pre-checks of the machinery, and how to safely operate the dumper truck. They will also receive training on the safe shutdown and storage of the dump truck.

  • The risks of using quick hitch devices, and how to safely use them
  • Current safety regulations governing dump truck use
  • How to operate the machine to a minimum standard
  • Fitting and operating ancillary equipment
  • Siting the machine safely and efficiently
  • Carrying out minor adjustments and routine servicing procedures
  • Preparing the machine for travelling on the public highway
  • The capabilities of each machine, its purpose and limitations
  • All safety precautions necessary for the correct operation of the machine
  • How diesel engines work and how various parts of the machine operate
  • Which routine adjustments and servicing procedures are necessary, and how to carry them out


CPCS – The Construction Plan Competence Scheme (CPCS) is the most widely recognised accreditation body in the construction industry, offering safety certification in a variety of skills and competencies. They offer a competency card scheme, with operators that pass the A56 dump truck training course receiving the red card and being able to work towards the blue card and an NVQ.

INHOUSE – Every organisation has different requirements, and every site has different health and safety needs. At SB Skills we can tailor our courses to meet the specific safety needs of your organisation.

Dumper Driver Training From SB Skills Solutions Ltd

SB Skills Solutions Ltd is a training company offering courses to individuals and businesses within the construction, mining, engineering, and other industries. We are fully accredited, provide access to courses from a host of suppliers, and we can also tailor courses and modules to better meet the needs of your business. Call us to discuss your training requirements or to book a course, on 01695 558420. Alternatively, you can check out the courses we offer, right here on our website.

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