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Industrial forklifts are heavy, motorised vehicles. They are used for lifting and moving heavy objects. Components like the pronged forks, as well as the conditions in which forklifts are used, mean that their use poses a number of potential hazards to the user and to others in the vicinity. It is the responsibility of the site owner or employer to ensure that all employees are provided with a safe working environment. This means ensuring that the forklift is kept in good working order, that employees are provided with the proper health and safety equipment, and that they have or receive the proper training.

Industrial forklift training provided by SB Skills Solutions Ltd meets all legal requirements and can be tailored to include additional training elements as required by your business. We are a fully accredited training centre, and all of our instructors are highly qualified and have industry experience. We offer courses from CPCS, the most widely recognised and accepted name in the industry, as well as ITSSAR, another widely recognised accreditation board.

We also offer courses for total novices, as well as for those that have more experience in the operation and use of this type of machinery. Browse the courses we offer on our website or call us and speak to one of the team about tailored training courses for your forklift operators.

Participant Requirements

In order to start the industrial forklift truck training course, candidates must have successfully completed the touch screen Construction Skills Health and Safety course within the past two years. This course gives a solid foundation of health and safety practices within the construction industry, and candidates will need this knowledge when taking part in forklift safety training.

All delegates must have good verbal and written English skills to be able to complete the course and the examination at the end.

Who Should Take Industrial Forklift Training?

Industrial forklift training is a legal requirement for any employee or individual that will be operating this type of machinery. As such, any employees that need to use a forklift, as well as managers and supervisors, should be considered for this training course. Individuals looking to improve their prospects within the construction or warehousing industries can also sign up to complete the course.

Course Objectives

It is a legal requirement that forklift operators have appropriate safety training. This ensures their own safety, as well as the safety of others on site. Participants will also work towards receiving certification from the awarding body. In the case of the A16 industrial forklift truck course, participants will also work towards earning their red card. Once the red card has been acquired, delegates can get the red card by getting their CITB NVQ.

What Will Participants Learn?

The course initially expands on basic construction health and safety standards. It will teach basic counterbalance training and how to read and use manufacturer handbooks. Participants will be taught how to safely load and unload the machine and how to travel in a confined with or without a load.

  • Legal regulations for forklift operators and employers
  • Typical forklift hazards
  • Basic maintenance and repairs
  • Counterbalance stability
  • Pre-use inspection of the machine
  • Setting the forklift up for various load types
  • Using the vehicle on a variety of terrain types
  • Manoeuvring in confined spaces
  • Safe use of the forklift

Course Accreditation

CPCS – The Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) is the most widely recognised accreditation board in the construction industry. Completion of the A16 Industrial Forklift Truck Course from CPCS rewards delegates with their red card, which can lead on to a CITB NVQ and red card. We offer industrial forklift A16 training accredited by CPCS.

ITSSAR – ITSSAR may not be as recognised as CPCS but are still one of the most popular accreditation boards. Their training courses can work out less expensive than CPCS, too, and they are especially popular within the manufacturing industry, which is relevant to industrial forklift use.

In-House – We can also tailor the training that we offer to all of our delegates. This means that we can include additional elements of safety training that your employees will need when working for your organisation.

Industrial Forklift Training From SB Skills Solutions Ltd

As well as offering courses from CPCS and ITSSAR, we can also tailor our courses to meet your requirements. We are an accredited training centre and all of our instructors are highly qualified and with industry experience. We serve businesses of all sizes, helping ensure that they minimise accidents caused on-site. You can view all of our courses on our site, or call us on 01695 558420 and speak to one of the team with any questions or queries.

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