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This September, NPORS published their technical bulletin for trainers and training centres which
details the changes to the scheme and this month was a big one!

Investigations into Fraud and Malpractice

NPORS started this bulletin with an announcement about investigations into various training facilities during the lockdown period this year. NPORS stated, “As the result of these investigations we have terminated the accreditation of 5 training providers and their instructors”.

NPORS mention instructors being terminated with the training providers, which could mean that NPORS instructors associated with centres that are not operating within NPORS guidelines, could see themselves also being struck off the scheme by association.

While NPORS has remained fairly quiet on this and not given much away in terms of who is involved and what kind of offences were committed, they have mentioned that it was related to fraud and malpractice, the rest is up to interpretation really.

New Health & Safety Courses

For many years, the industry has been ruled by a few accreditations in terms of Health and Safety training, especially for broad roles. NPORS has recently been working extremely hard to design industry-relevant courses to ensure that employers are able to access “a broader portfolio of qualifications for their employees”.

The new courses are recognised by Build UK and are listed in the Build UK training standard. More importantly for businesses, NPORS have also worked alongside CITB to make the courses eligible for CITB grant claims, having mapped them against relevant standards. This means that you can still get all of the benefits of CITB grant claims while undertaking NPORS Health and Safety courses at the same standard of training.

Marketing Department

If you are interested in NPORS training, you can see pictures of various training categories on their social feeds. Having now opened their own dedicated marketing department in the business, NPORS are on top of social media uploads, posting images of training on their pages. If you want to make sure that you don’t miss a thing, and judging by September’s bulletin, you won’t, make sure that you stay up to date with all of their upcoming changes by following them.

Alternatively, we will be staying up to date and giving you the latest insights from our perspective on all channels.

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