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You need to have these qualifications and skills if you want to become a project manager

The construction industry is booming these days. New projects and developments are being set up at a rapid rate and there are many roles in the construction sector which one can take. Almost every field or technology can be fit properly to serve the needs of the construction industry.

Project managers are also an integral part of the construction industry and the construction process of any project. Project managers are responsible and look after the construction job. They are mainly responsible for the planning and execution of a construction job and are involved in the entire project’s various steps from the beginning to the completion of a particular project. The project manager oversees the whole construction job and ensures that all the personnel involved in the project are completing their jobs professionally while adhering to the industry standards and all sticking to the safety procedures for carrying out their respective jobs safely. The project managers are also responsible for maintaining the inventory and ensuring that all the raw materials or consumables for the project are available to all the workers and employees involved so that they can work in a hassle-free manner, without any problems or issues concerning the materials for the project. The project managers interact with different levels of professionals involved in the project, ranging from labourers, architects and planners to designers and engineers. This article highlights some important qualifications for project management in the construction industry,

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Project Management Professional (PMP):

The most widely-recognized industry credential for project managers, PMP certification is known and sought after by employers across the world. PMP certified professionals can expect to increase their marketability and salary potential – and learn about every level of project management in extensive and intensive detail. Eligibility varies depending on academic credentials, but candidates should have extensive project management experience and a secondary or university-level qualification before applying.

RIBA Certificate in Construction Project Management:

Focusing on problem solving, effective construction practice and meeting client needs, the RIBA certificate is a hands-on modular course for experienced project managers seeking to improve their competence and professional technique. The certificate also places a strong emphasis on the culture of communication in the modern construction industry. Course components are taught face to face and via distance learning.

Program Management Professional (PgMP):

PgMP certification is designed to show a candidate’s ability to manage multiple, related projects simultaneously, and use their abilities to achieve strategic goals. The credential helps established project managers move into senior positions and develop a wider skill-set. Eligibility varies depending on academic experience, but candidates with secondary education and extensive practical experience of project management may apply. The PgMP certification is internationally recognized.

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