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If you want a career in the construction or building industry, you can follow these tips

The construction industry has become one of the most enjoyable, entertaining and popular industries globally. New projects are being developed on a regular basis and the opportunities and areas to grow and prosper are endless. It does not matter if you have a degree in the construction sector or not, you can easily become a part of this amazing sector. The construction or building industry is a very broad one and people from many different fields, technologies and can become a part of this industry, depending upon their interests and passion.

People from different backgrounds and fields ranging from civil engineering and electrical engineering to draftsmen or painters, project planners and project managers, architects and designers, everyone can start a career in the construction industry. Indeed, there are other fields too but none of the fields provide as much versatility as the construction and building industry. This article provides some excellent tips which can be very useful if you aspire to join the construction sector and build your career in the sector. If you want to join it, first of all, you need to research which area of construction and property you want to join and what is your motivation behind that. There are multiple jobs available and you need to set your mind where you want to go, with a positive mindset that you will enjoy working in this particular industry. This article provides some effective tips which will help you start your career in the construction sector.

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Volunteering is a good way to gain experience

A lot of property and construction practices welcome work experience students, so there is scope to build your skills while studying.

“We strongly encourage our students to work or volunteer in practice alongside their studies. It’s amazing what you pick up in an office or studio environment if you are willing to push yourself,” says Nicki Schiessel Harvey, senior lecturer in business and professional skills at Birmingham City University.

Go to as many events as possible, join online forums on LinkedIn and talk to people in the industry to make potential contacts. “You stand a better chance of getting a foot in the door if you offer to buy someone a coffee and ask them about their job, rather than diving straight in with a request for experience,” adds Schiessel Harvey.

Being successful in construction relies on having a good reputation

If you work in construction, you need to build up a reliable reputation. “Deliver when you say you will deliver – and if you know a deadline is not achievable raise the issue there and then. A professional who sticks by their word becomes a successful professional,” advises Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors’ internal accounts team manager, Richard Maclean.

An ability to work with different professions is vital in this industry

Careers in property and construction often require you to work in multidisciplinary teams. “For example, it’s essential a development surveyor is an excellent communicator who can work with large teams,” says Papacharalampos. “It’s usually a long process to get planning to enable the construction of the development, so patience and an ability to work with or manage a team is critical.”

So for entry-level job hunters, it’s important to show proven communication skills alongside your work experience to show you could work well in multi-disciplinary groups.

Author: Brogan Kay-Jessop

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