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Crane/Lifting Operations Supervisor

The Lifting Operations Supervisor Training Course is designed for operatives who are responsible for supervising crane lifts.

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Crane/Lift supervisor course is suitable for any delegate that will be responsible for overseeing and supervising crane lifting operations.  It consists of three days of practical and classroom-based teaching, culminating in a one-day assessment.

The course is suitable for novice and experienced crane handlers. The course meets government health and safety regulations, designed to ensure that operators and others work in a safe environment. Candidates will learn how to identify, analyse, and overcome the potential hazards faced when using cranes.

Participant Requirements

Every course is tailored to the requirements of attendees, ensuring the best chance of successfully completing the course. Attendees are asked to divulge their level of experience and knowledge when they meet the course instructor.

Delegates must have passed the CITB Health, Safety and Environmental Touchscreen Test for Specialists/Supervisors within the past 2 years.
It is also necessary for attendees to have a good working knowledge of writing and spoken English.

Who Should Take The Crane Supervisor Course?

The Crane/Lift Supervisor course is aimed at delegates of all skill levels. We will teach delegates everything from the basics of crane operation through to the analysis of risks and the implementation of a risk aversion strategy. As such, the Crane/Lift Supervisor course is suitable for people of all skills and with any level of experience operating cranes.

Course Objectives

The course is aimed to meet the requirements of the British Standard Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Cranes, BS7121.
BS7121 offers guidelines on best practices and a failure to meet the standards means infers that a company or organisation has failed to meet the proper standards in providing a safe place of work.

What Will Participants Learn?

The Crane/Lift Supervisor training course combines theoretical and practical elements. Delegates will learn the specifics of BS7121 and other relevant standards. They will learn to successfully complete risk assessments to identify and mitigate hazards.

Students will be able to complete a Method Statement to detail safe systems work and how to select and use the most appropriate crane according to prevailing conditions, the type and properties of the load to be moved, and other factors.

  • Legislation, regulations and Codes of Practice relating to lifting duties
  • Observing British Standard 7121
  • Completing risk assessments
  • Safe systems of work including method statements
  • Taking personal responsibility
  • Different types of cranes and associated terminology
  • Understanding crane documentation
  • Understanding crane stability, duty charts and safety devices
  • Crane appreciation
  • Understanding the roles of crane supervisor and appointed persons
  • Preparing exclusion zones

Course Specifics

The course lasts a total of three days. This includes two days of practical and theory education, as well as a full day of examination and testing. Candidates do not need previous experience but should have the appropriate site experience.

CPCS – The Construction Plant Competence Scheme is the most widely recognised industry body, and some organisations require that their operatives hold a CPCS competence card as standard. At SB Skills we offer the CPCS A33 lorry loader training course.  On successful completion of the course all delegates will be awarded a Red Trained Operators card valid for 2 years.  Delegated can undertake the Level 2 Plant Operations NVQ to enable them to upgrade this card to a Blue Competency Card.

NPORS – The National Plant Operators Registration Scheme also meets legislative requirements. It commonly operates in the construction, demolition, and rail industries, and it offers a cheaper alternative to the CPCS scheme.  On successful completion of the course all delegates will be awarded a Red Trained Operators card valid for 2 years.  Delegated can undertake the Level 2 Plant Operations NVQ to enable them to upgrade this card to a Blue Competency Card.

In-House – Many operators will have additional roles and competencies within the business, which means that they will need additional health and safety training. At SB Skills we are happy to customise a training course so that it meets all of the safety requirements of your business. Call us and see how we can

Crane/Lift Supervisor Training From SB Skills

SB Skills Solutions Ltd is a leading provider of safety training courses, including the CPCS crane supervisor certificate. We combine practical and theoretical education, are fully accredited by the appropriate boards, and our instructors are highly qualified and fully trained, ensuring that we can offer effective training to all participants. Browse our full selection of courses from boards including CPCS, online, or call us on 01695 558420 and speak to one of the team and book for you or your employees.


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