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360 Degree Excavator Training

A 360° excavator is a tracked excavator. It is heavy machinery that is used when there is little or no room for movement around the site. The digger head can be rotated in a full circle, thanks to the use of tracks rather than wheels. While these vehicles are highly manoeuvrable, their power and heavy parts means that they also have the potential to cause accidents and injuries. It is important as a site owner that you provide a safe working environment. This includes ensuring that all operators have had full 360 excavator training on the safe use of these and other excavators they will use.

360 excavator training is available from CPCS, the most widely recognised industry training board, as well as ITSSAR which is still highly recognised and tends to work out cheaper than CPCS. Training can be offered to operators of all skills levels, from novice to experienced.

SB Skills Solutions Limited is a national provider of health and safety training, especially for those in the construction and other heavy industries across Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, the North West and rest of the UK. We have a dedicated training centre in Skelmersdale, staffed by highly qualified and skilled instructors. You can view our courses right here on our site, or call us on 01695 558420 and speak to one of our team about customising our courses to meet your business and personal requirements.

Participant Requirements

It is essential that all delegates have a good working knowledge of written and verbal English, because the training we offer combines both theory and practical elements.


All candidates must have also completed the Construction Skills Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) touch screen test within the past 24 months, to ensure that they have a basic understanding of health and safety requirements.

Who Should Take 360 Excavator Training?

360 excavators are versatile and useful machines used primarily in construction. The size and power of the machinery means that it has the potential to cause harm to employees, visitors, and other third parties, as well as cause expensive damage. 360 digger training ensures that the operators know how to safely use and maintain the machinery, therefore eliminating potential dangers and hazards.

Excavator training is essential for anybody that will use 360 excavators and diggers. Whether they use the excavator on a daily basis, or on an occasional basis, they need to know how to do so without putting people at risk. Supervisors and managers can also benefit from 360-degree Excavator training, so that they can ensure work is completed in a safe manner.

Course Objectives

The objective of 360 degrees excavator training is to ensure that operators know how to safely and effectively use the machinery. Excavators are large and, by their very nature, they have the potential to cause damage and injury. Course participants will learn how to safely use the machinery and work towards receiving certification from the appropriate industry body.

What Will Participants Learn?

The 360-degree excavator training course in Lancashire includes both theory and practical elements. Delegates will be taught the latest legislation and regulations governing the use of this type of machinery, as well as a general overview of site safety. They will be taught how to analyse the site and terrain to ensure that they use the proper machinery and attachments, how to operate the digger, and how to complete shutdown of the excavator. Delegates will also be taught to safely change attachments, and will learn how to prepare the excavator for taking it on the public highway.

  • Health and safety regulations and legislation
  • How to operate the excavator safely
  • Site the machinery
  • Change and operate ancillary equipment and attachments
  • Prepare the digger for transport on public highways
  • Routine maintenance and safety checks

Training Bodies

We offer training courses accredited by the following training bodies:

CPCS – The Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) is the biggest and most widely recognised body. Some companies require that their operators specifically have a CPCS card before employment. CPCS offers a competence card scheme. Initially, an operator will be awarded a red card. They can work towards receiving a red card within two years of receiving their blue card. We offer both A58 and A59 CPCS excavator training at SB Skills Solutions Ltd.

ITSSAR – The Independent Training Standards Scheme And Register, ITSSAR, offers a more cost-effective training solution, but equally high standards. They are recognised across the construction industry and offer accredited training certification.

In-House – Our in-house training can be fully customised to your training requirements. Combine elements of 180° excavator training and 360° excavator training, and add components of site safety, and include or exclude any other health and safety training requirements you have in your organisation.

360 Excavator Training From SB Skills Solutions Ltd

At SB Skills Solutions Ltd, we can tailor our 360 Excavator training courses in Lancashire to your requirements. We can offer longer courses for those with no experience with excavators and diggers, or shorter, refresher courses, for those that really only need certification. We can also include additional elements, according to the type of site you work on and work you conduct, to ensure that your excavator operators have the exact skills and knowledge required. Call us today on 01695 558420 or browse the courses that we offer directly on our website.




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Below 10 tonnes (tracked) | Below 10 tonnes (wheeled) | Above 10 tonnes (tracked) | Above 10 tonnes (wheeled)
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