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New Roads and Street Works Act Courses. Training courses in this category are designed for Supervisors and Operatives who are required to carry out their duties to the standards prescribed by City & Guilds in-line with the New Roads and Street Works Act, current legislation, and applicable Approved Codes of Practice (ACOP’s).

Training courses for NRSWA will cover one or more units dependent on requirements as explained below. Click here to see course dates and locations for New Roads and Street Works Act training courses, or for more general help or further information please click here to send an enquiry.

Training courses within this category relate to the New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA). The New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA) sets out the procedures and guidelines for personnel employed by local authorities, utilities companies and their contractors for the purpose of any road works in the highway or on footpaths. The Act and associated Codes of Practice cover issues such as, the notification requirements, safety to highway users and the standards required of the reinstatement of all excavations on the highway, standards for signing, lighting and guarding, etc.

There were 16 units before – now there are 16 certificates, namely LA, O1 to O8, and S1 to S7 (the units have become individual certificates).

NRSWA Supervisor Unit Combinations:

  • S1 – Monitoring signing, lighting and guarding KEY CERTIFICATE
  • S2 – Monitoring excavation in the highway
  • S3 – Monitoring reinstatement and compaction of backfill materials
  • S4 – Monitoring reinstatement of sub-base and base in non-bituminous materials
  • S5 – Monitoring reinstatement in bituminous materials
  • S6 – Monitoring reinstatement of concrete slabs
  • S7 – Monitoring reinstatement of modular surfaces, concrete footways


NRSWA Operator Unit Combinations:

  • O1 – Signing, lighting and guarding KEY CERTIFICATE
  • O2 – Excavation in the highway
  • O3 – Reinstatement and compaction of backfill materials
  • O4 – Reinstatement of sub-base and base in non-bituminous materials
  • O5 – Reinstatement in cold lay bituminous materials
  • O6 – Reinstatement in hot-lay bituminous materials
  • O7 – Reinstatement of concrete slabs
  • O8 – Reinstatement of modular surfaces, concrete footways


Important Note on Scheme Rules for Operative/Supervisor Dual Cards: If you have successfully completed an NRSWA Operative Course and then carry out an NRSWA Supervisor course at a later date, or vice versa, you will be issued with a dual card, but this dual card will have an expiry date for the course that was completed first. For example, you complete an operative course with a five year expiry, and then a year later you complete a supervisor course, the dual card issued by SWQR will have an expiry date of five years from the operative course which has the earliest expiry date, not the expiry date of the supervisor course. If you wish to obtain a full 5 year card rather than a dual card for a qualification you will need to contact SWQR on 0345 213 5000 prior to taking a course to inform them that you wish to forfeit the original qualification. BookMyCourse cannot accept responsibility for cards issued with a shortened expiry date due to a previous qualification.



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