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Learn how to use an online card checker to check the validity of CSCS and CPCS cards

CSCS cards and CPCS cards are used to prove the competency of construction workers, but how can you know for sure if the card is valid?

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) and Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) cards provide competency and evidence that construction workers have the relevant training and qualifications to carry out construction jobs safely.

Whilst holding one of these cards is not a legal requirement, they are usually a mandatory requirement to work on a construction site.

Why are CSCS and CPCS cards required?

Having a CSCS card provides proof to employers that you have gained the required qualification for the type of work you carry out on site.

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Most construction sites will require workers to apply for a valid CSCS or CPCS card before they begin work.

This is because of the hazardous nature of construction work, many workers will be required to work at height, lift heavy items, or use plant equipment in their role.

The law requires construction site managers to ensure that the workers they employ are competent in their role and have a sound understanding of all relevant health and safety legislation, guidelines, and best practices to keep everyone employed on the construction site safe.

Making it a mandatory requirement for all workers employed to hold a CSCS or CPCS trade card relevant to their role is a simple and reliable way of achieving this.

How do CSCS and CPCS cards prove competence?

There are many different types of CSCS and CPCS cards to reflect the different roles, levels of training, and years of experience of workers in the industry, these range from the red entry-level card up to the black managerial card.

To be eligible to apply for a particular CSCS or CPCS card, workers must provide evidence that they have completed the relevant training and qualifications or can prove their experience.

How to check that a CSCS or CPCS card is valid

Most construction scheme cards are only valid for a certain number of years before they need to be renewed to ensure that the worker’s skills and knowledge are up-to-date.

It is the responsibility of those employing construction workers to always check the validity of CSCS or CPCS cards to ensure that workers are not using fake, fraudulent, or expired cards.

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Luckily it is quick, simple, and free to check the status of construction scheme cards online using the CITB online card checker tool.

The tool checks the validity of the following types of construction trade cards:

  • CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme)
  • CPCS (Construction Plant Competence Scheme)
  • CISRS (Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme)

All you need to do is visit the CITB’s card checker tool online here and NOCN’s Card Checker and enter the details from the card that you wish to check.

Using this tool is a quick and convenient way to confirm a worker’s credentials and flag up any issues with their CSCS card, to help to improve standards and safety on construction sites.

For further help or advice with construction scheme cards, please call SB Skills Solutions on 01695 558420 or complete our online contact form and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.

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