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Forklift Drivers for Hardware store stop robbery through heroics and quality forklift operation

Credit: GreenEarth/Youtube

Although we work with forklift operators often through our popular Forklift Training and Forklift Courses, we have never seen anything like this! A group of wannabe robbers were stopped in their tracks when attempting to escape by a group of forklift drivers working at the hardware store. The group of forklift drivers team up to stop the robbers by blocking and trapping the getaway drivers vehicle. Amazing work like in an action movie!

This CCTV footage of the forklift worker and trade parking bay shows the getaway driver pull into the parking space outside of the store, wait for the robber and then attempt to flee around the one-way system in the store carpark. Fortunately a quick thinking forklift driver was able to block the exit with their forklift after reversing in front of the car.

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This man shows is a real hero, trying to stop these robbers, who might have been armed, from escaping by blocking their way. The car then reverses and does a U-turn trying to go into another direction, but other workers get into the unoccupied forklifters and block the getaway car on the other entrance.

The dramatic footage then shows the driver of the red saloon suddenly pull out and speed off, apparently aware that the suspected robbers had no chance of pulling off a robbery of the massive hardware shop.

Another forklift driver reverses back and blocks their path, before another two of the workhorse vehicles appear and block it from the rear, in the drama in the city in the Czech republic near the country’s western border with Poland. After this heroic maneuver, the car is caged in. Hopefully these bad boys were brought to justice!

Credit to ‘DEK building materials/Youtube’.

Author: rumblestaff

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