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The Red CSCS Card is a temporary card issued to individuals working on construction sites.

The CSCS card acts as proof that they are working towards a relevant qualification for the job they are doing on site.

There are several types of Red CSCS Cards available, and one of these is the Red Apprentice Card.

Do You Require a Red CSCS Apprentice Card?

Having a Red CSCS Card is proof that you have the relevant health and safety awareness to work on a construction site, and that you have recently registered with an apprenticeship scheme.

Having CSCS card is not a legal requirement for working on a construction site, but CSCS cards are mandatory on most sites.

This is because, under law, employers are responsible for ensuring proper health and safety on sites.

Therefore, the CSCS Red Apprentice Card is a way of ensuring that anyone working on a site is sufficiently aware of health and safety and therefore competent to work on site.

As an apprentice in the construction industry, by getting a Red CSCS Card, you will then be able to work on a site and gain the practical experience you need to progress your career.

What Do Apprentices Need to do to Get a Red CSCS Card?

To get the Apprentice Card, you must be registered on a recognised apprentice framework or standard.

To become an apprentice in England you must be over 16 years old, not be in full-time education, and live in England.

Essentially, an apprenticeship is a real job, which gives you practical training and experience as you carry out the tasks it involves. By the end of you apprenticeship, you should then have the skills and knowledge you need for your chosen career in construction.

The Red CSCS Apprentice Card will enable you to work on a site, gaining the experience and skills you require.

It is a transitional card, before you gain the necessary skills and experience to apply for a full CSCS card.

The candidate may be exempt from the HSE test if they show proof of attendance at a 1-day health and safety awareness course (such as the NPORS).

We offer the NPORS S001 Site Safety Awareness course. This is construction industry-recognised, in the same way that the CITB Health, Safety & Awareness Course is.

You must also provide evidence that you are registered for an apprenticeship. This evidence can be any of the following:

  • A letter or email from the managing agency of your apprenticeship, that identifies them as such, and that confirms that you are registered with them, and what qualifications you are registered for
  • A letter from your apprenticeship training provider, confirming you are registered with them, and what qualifications you are registered for
  • Your apprenticeship agreement itself, as long as it shows the occupation and qualification you are registered for.

What are the Benefits of Having a Red CSCS Apprentice Card?

A Red CSCS Card will provide proof to your employer that you are registered as an apprentice, and that you have health and safety awareness to work safely on a construction site. It is essential to get the Apprentice Card if you wish to pursue a career in construction as an apprentice.

How Much Does a Red CSCS Card Cost?

The current price of a Red CSCS Card is £36. If you need to take a health and safety course first, there will also be a charge for this. Check with your course provider to confirm how much this will cost.

How Do You Apply for an Apprentice Card?

You can apply online to CSCS for your Red Apprentice CSCS Card.

You will need various pieces of evidence to do this, including a scanned copy of your qualification certificate, and the test ID number for your health and safety training course.

Can You Renew a Red CSCS Card?

The Red CSCS card is valid for four years and six months. You are expected to complete your apprenticeship by the time the card expires. It is not renewable.

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