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Working as a telehandler operator is a varied, practical, hands-on job that only requires a short training period and is rewarded with a good salary.

According to, the average wage for a telehandler operator in the UK is £31,200 p/a (or £16 p/h). Entry-level positions start at around £28,000 p/a, while experienced telehandler operators usually earn about £35,000 p/a.

Telescopic handlers, or telehandler for short, are large pieces of plant machinery used to lift and move heavy loads from one location to another.

They are more complex and versatile pieces of equipment than forklifts because they have an extendable boom that allows them to reach further. They have greater stability, making them ideal for working on rough or uneven terrain.

Because of this, telehandlers are most often used in outdoor locations, usually on construction sites or in an agricultural setting.

However, they are also deployed in engineering and manufacturing environments because they can be fitted with a wide variety of attachments like pallet forks, hooks, scoops, buckets and even platforms for lifting people.

If this sounds like the job for you, read on to find out more about how to go about getting a job as a telehandler operator.

What are the requirements for working as a telehandler operator?

Telehandlers are capable of lifting heavy loads, and because of this, there are risks involved with using them.

For that reason, operators must be trained and qualified before they can begin working on-site.

Employers have a duty of care to their employees; it is their responsibility to make sure that anyone that they hire to operate a telescopic handler can do so competently and safely.

The best way to do this is to only employ those that have a recognised certificate from an accredited scheme that proves their competence.

SB Skills Solutions offers both CPCS Telescopic Handler Training and NPORS Telescopic Handler Training, both of which are led by our team of experienced and fully qualified instructors.

If you plan to work in construction, before taking a telehandler training course, you will need to pass the CITB Health and Safety Touch Screen Test. This exam is designed to assess how you would respond to health, safety, and environmental issues on a construction site.

The CPCS and NPORS accredited telescopic handler training courses can be completed in just five days, even with no prior experience working in the construction sector or with telehandlers.

If you are applying for a telehandler operator role that requires you to drive a telehandler on public roads, then you will also need to make sure that you have a valid category B (car) UK driving licence.

Finding a job as a telehandler operator

Once you are equipped with the relevant certification and licence, you can begin applying for jobs working as a telehandler operator.

Telehandler operators are employed in a variety of different industries, and you can find telehandler jobs listed on all the biggest recruitment agency websites like,,, and

You may also find vacancies on more specialist recruitment sites for the agriculture or construction industries.

As with most roles, the vacancies with the higher salaries may require someone who has some experience driving a telehandler under their belt already.

If this is your first job as a telehandler operator, then you may need to be flexible with your salary expectations. Once you start though, you can begin to build up your experience operating telehandlers which will open the door to more challenging roles and a higher salary.

Recruitment agencies and job boards are a good place to start your search for a job working as a telehandler operator, but if you have friends who already work in the industry, word of mouth can also be an excellent way of finding a suitable position.

If you’re not already on the networking website LinkedIn, this is also an excellent platform for connecting with people in the industry and finding out about job vacancies.

Telehandler training courses with SB Skills

Ready to kickstart your career as a telehandler operator? Book our accredited telehandler course today.

Here at SB Skills, we have over 30 years of experience providing training to the construction industry.

Our team of experienced and fully accredited instructors offers a choice of nationally recognised and accredited telehandler training courses.

For more information about our telehandler training, give our team a call on 01695 558 420, or email

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