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Starting Civil Engineering after graduating

Civil engineering is an amazing job and qualification to have as you are involved with creating architectural buildings to train stations to stadiums and to other amazing even historic buildings like the millennium dome! When you graduate, and start your first job as a civil engineer you are taking on important responsibilities and tasks that are forever improving from a day to day basis.

Being a civil engineer is someone that is needed every day so you will never be without a job. It isn’t always the best-looking job but it is most definitely worthwhile. The only questions you may have is what do you do after you graduate? Easy, find out here!

A bright future for Civil Engineering

Currently the UK unfortunately has a low number of civil engineers even though the demand is high. Therefore, if you are a graduate then you have a good chance of work, especially whilst the salary is high according to the magazine ‘Engineering and Technology’. The mirror also recently revealed that engineering graduates are amongst the ‘most employable in the UK’. You could also work overseas or take on jobs where you could travel around many countries! Who wouldn’t want to take this opportunity?

Are there future upcoming projects?

In the civil engineering world, there are always upcoming jobs out there and projects currently in talks. You are never out of work because projects like transforming rail networks with Crossrail and HS2 will need your talent but it is always good to have a fresh eye and ideas. Everything you have learnt will be beneficial to companies you work for or with as there is always some sort of project to do. Another upcoming project is protecting the Thames. Things like this always need some work on as the generations go by.

What is out there?

It doesn’t matter where you start after graduating, you will always be able to build your way up and achieve the job title you want. You could be part of a designing team for the nuclear power stations in the UK. With aviation work you could deliver aviation services to airlines, airport owners, construction supervision, transactions etc. There is a lot you can do when doing aviation work. Estimating is a fantastic job to do and when you become more and more experienced you will notice that it is currently one of the highest paid salaries in the industry which include working on highways, structures, groundworks and public realm etc. Roads and drainage work is always important as they always need re-doing and making sure roads are all motor friendly etc. With this job, you could be working on pavement design, external level or even below ground drainage. Take a look through our blogs and see what else you could be doing after with civil engineering.