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Tesla Roofing tiles with integrated solar panels are now going into production.

After the 2016 announcement, the Tesla roofing tiles were expected to be the next best thing. More durable than the standard tile, easier to clean and containing an invisible solar panel that transforms the utility of your whole roof; these are expected to revolutionise the roofs of homes all over the globe. These tiles also come in multiple styles to match the aesthetic of all sorts of homes and will be cheaper than conventional solar panels! We envision these tiles will be changing the way roofers coming through our Roofing and Cladding NVQ will be working in the future.

These tiles have now finally started to go into production at Tesla’s facility in New York according to Reuters. It is also reported that Tesla is now surveying houses that signed up to the $1000 reserve scheme, meaning the company likely expects to begin shipping and installation soon.

Prices for these tiles is expected to come in between 10% and 15% less than that of a new roof and solar panel array. These roofing tiles are designed to mimic many different styles, ensuring that your home has the perfect solar tile to match.

Cost and Maintenance

Depending on utilities costs in your local area, estimations have been placed that a 30-year use of solar tiles could generate not only savings on energy costs but even generate profit! Tesla has given an example of Maryland, USA where with tax credits and a Tesla Powerwall, the home generates $8000 in its lifetime.

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The environmental benefits of solar roofing are many. Not only do they help relieve the burden on fossil fuel generation, they also do so by reclaiming space that’s already utilized. New solar farms are excellent for providing increasing amounts of electricity to larger areas but developers often have to use large swaths of land to ensure their farms are economically viable. Like other solar panels used for domestic energy supply, Tesla’s solar roofing tiles take advantage of areas that are already used up by buildings, but they do it in a more cost effective way.

Author: Patrick Caughill

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