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If you’re in the construction or warehousing industry, then you’re likely to have come across a VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) truck at some point in your professional career.

To learn more about this essential forklift vehicle, its various uses, and the degree of training required to drive one, from the expert team at SB Skills Solutions, simply carry on reading.

What is a VNA truck?

As the name suggests, a VNA (or F1) truck is a type of electric forklift that’s commonly used in warehouses and other structures with particularly narrow aisles. Designed to lift and move stock into racking, they are often found in large warehouses for marketplace businesses and other online retailers like Amazon.

To safely store stock using the VNA truck, the operator is required to ride up to the new desired location and then use the rotating forks (the forks can face either direction) of the truck to place the item on the racking. Boasting the ability to reach heights up to 14m, it’s an essential piece of machinery for a wide range of warehouses.

Is training required to drive a VNA truck?

Yes, comprehensive and professional training is legally required in the UK if you want to learn how to operate a VNA truck. This VNA truck training should cover a variety of areas, including safe and correct operation of the forklift in a working environment.

Course participants must also show understanding of the causes of truck instability and loads, and be able to carry out a routine pre-inspection of the vehicle. Throughout their assessment, they should also adhere to good operating practices that will have been taught during the course.

How much does VNA truck training cost?

Naturally, the VNA truck training cost will vary depending on the course provider and whether you’re a novice or an experienced forklift operator. Generally, however, beginners can expect to spend in the region of £395-£500, while experienced operators will need to pay roughly £295-£350. Some forklift training course providers will also offer employers discounts if they want to book training for several of their employees at once.

VNA truck training at SB Skills Solutions

At SB Skills Solutions, you can explore a selection of fully accredited forklift training courses led by qualified instructors and examiners.

Accredited by NPORS, or tailored by us for in-house delivery, you can learn how to operate a variety of different forklifts including VNA trucks.

With a choice of beginner, conversion, and refresher forklift training courses, there’s a solution for every applicant.

To find out more about our training course, call us on 01695 558 420. Alternatively, you can also submit your enquiry via email to or fill out our handy online contact form. Once we receive your enquiry, we’ll ensure a member of our team gets in touch shortly to book your place on our next industrial forklift training course.

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