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Loader Compressor

This course is for people with limited or no experience of operating a Loader / Compressor and aims to provide high quality training and testing in the safe and effective use of plant and machinery to enable the candidate to attain the ITSSAR Red Operator Card. It teaches you how to operate and maintain a Loader / Compressor safely.

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Loader compressors are wheeled vehicles that are based on the design of 180 excavators or a loading shovel. The vehicle is heavy and poses a danger, especially when reversing, which is still the situation most likely to lead to an accident or injury. The machine is used to carry materials and load them onto larger vehicles, using the front-mounted bucket. It is also used for crushing and compressing duties via an air-powered tool such as a pneumatically operated breaker. This type of machinery is usually used in construction, and especially in the construction of roads and highways.

The power of the pneumatic tools, and the vehicle itself, also pose a potential hazard to users and to third parties. The loader compressor operator needs a clear understanding of these hazards and how to mitigate them and prevent accidents. The loader compressor training course, which is designed to be taken by operators and drivers, identifies the major hazards, teaches how to handle all elements of the machine, and ensures its safe operation.

At SB Skills Solutions Limited we offer loader compressor training courses from major bodies including the CPCS, NPORS and Inhouse.  Our instructors are highly qualified with industry experience. Our courses can be tailored to meet the requirements of delegates, and course duration is dependent on the amount of knowledge participants have, as well as the amount of instruction required. Browse the courses we offer on our site or call us and speak to one of the team who will be happy to answer your questions and queries.

Participant Requirements

There are theory and practical elements to the training and to the examination itself. As such, all delegates must possess a good working knowledge of verbal and written English, and all candidates must have successfully taken and passed the touch screen Construction Skills Health and Safety Course within the past two years. Ideal candidates should have a basic understanding of how a loader compressor works, although this can be taught by our instructors, if required.

Who Should Take Loader Compressor Training?

According to the Health and Safety Executive, loader compressor drivers need to be trained in the safe operation of the vehicle. As such, all drivers and operators that will use the loader compressor should be trained in their safe use. Managers and supervisors can also take the course to get a clear understanding of safety requirements.

Course Objectives

The objective of the course is to ensure that employers and employees meet the regulatory requirements set forth by the Health and Safety Executive and operate a safe construction site. It is the responsibility of all employers to ensure that their team has a safe working environment. Delegates will also be working towards certification from the appropriate accreditation body. In the case of the CPCS A41 loader compressor course, delegates will also receive their red competence card.

What Will Participants Learn?

Loader compressors are heavy and powerful machines. One of the primary causes of accidents using this type of vehicle is reversing it around site and other locations.

Delegates will be taught how to conduct pre-use checks according to the manufacturer’s instructions. They will also be taught to identify problems and who to alert when a problem is spotted. They will learn to fit safety struts so that pre-use checks can be completed safely and efficiently.

Stability is an important factor in loader compressor use. Not only does the machinery have the weight of the bucket, but also any load that is being carried. In most circumstances, the machine will be used on uneven terrain which poses additional safety concerns. Candidates will learn how to ensure the stability of the loader at all times.

  • Regulations including the Health and Safety At Work Act 1974
  • Pre-use checks
  • Routine and simple maintenance tasks
  • Safely maneuvering the vehicle in confined spaces
  • Pre-excavation checks
  • Travel on different terrain types
  • Loading and unloading of different types of material
  • How to backfill an excavation
  • Connect air hoses, attachments, and other ancillary equipment
  • Post-use checks

Course Accreditation

We offer loader compressor training from the following boards:

CPCS – The Construction Plant Competence Scheme is the most widely recognised accreditation scheme in the construction industry. Many organisations require that operators have CPCS cards, as part of their company policies. The A41 loader compressor course from CPCS will reward a red trained operator card on completion, enabling candidates to go on and undertake the relevant Level 2 Plant Operations NVQ to enable them to obtain a blue competence card.

NPORS – National Plant Operators Registration Scheme is a widely recognised accreditation specialising in the construction sector.  On successful completion of the course, delegates will receive a Red Competent Card which is valid for 2 years.  In that time delegates will be required to complete the relevant Level 2 Plant Operations NVQ in order to update their card to a Blue Competency Card.

In-House – If you need to provide additional safety elements to your employees, we can customise a training course to include all the elements and components that you require. For example, we can train operators on the safe use of compressor loaders as well as the safe use of HIAB crane loaders. Contact us with your specific training needs to discuss what we can do for your business.


Loader Compressor Training From SB Skills Solutions Ltd

The loader compressor is a versatile, heavy-duty machine that is typically used in road and highway construction. As well as the danger of the vehicle itself, loaders must understand stability and ensuring that their load is safe. The loader compressor training courses we offer ensure that delegates are taught all of the necessary safety practices to ensure their own safety and those of other people on site. Browse our other courses right here on our site, or call us on 01695 558420 with any questions about the courses or services we offer.

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