NVQ: Level 2 - Certificate in Warehousing and Storage


What is the NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing and Storage?

The NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing and Storage is a work-based qualification suitable for those already working in a warehouse who wish to further their knowledge or progress their career.

The level 2 certificate in warehousing is suitable for individuals employed in a variety of different warehouse and storage roles. The qualification covers key mandatory units as well as a good variety of optional units, allowing candidates to select the units most suited to their role and skills.

This qualification is work-based and makes up part of the apprenticeship framework.

Mandatory units include warehousing and storage health and safety and developing effective working relationships with colleagues in logistics operations.

Optional units are split up into five groups with candidates required to pick a minimum of six units from a possible 23.

Who is this qualification for?

The Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing and Storage recognises the skills and competencies required of staff in the warehouse and storage workplace. The qualification is aimed at candidates currently working in the sector as, for example, a warehouse or storage operative, and also those who do not currently work in the industry but would like to gain some of the skills needed. The qualification provides recognition of the skills and knowledge, such as operating equipment and safety at work, processing orders, team leading and managing the receipt and despatch of goods, which are needed to work in or develop a career in warehousing.

Candidates must complete:

  • all of the Mandatory units in Group A, plus
  • a minimum of TWO units from Group 1
  • a minimum of ONE unit from Group 2
  • a minimum of ONE unit from Group 3
  • a minimum of ONE unit from Group 4
  • a minimum of ONE unit from Group 5

Mandatory Units – complete all units

  • K/502/1072 Health, Safety and Security at work
  • H/601/7919 Develop effective working relationships with colleagues in logistics operations

Group 1 Optional Units (Minimum of 2 Units)

  • R/601/7916 Pick goods in logistics operations
  • Y/601/7917 Wrap and pack goods in logistics operations
  • T/601/7925 Place goods in storage in logistics operations
  • F/601/7930 Process orders for customers in logistics operations
  • J/601/7931 Assemble orders for dispatch in logistics operations

Group 2 Optional Units – a minimum of ONE unit

  • M/601/7910 Maintain the cleanliness of equipment in logistics operations
  • F/601/7913 Keep work areas clean in logistics operations
  • L/601/7929 Maintain hygiene standards in handling and storing goods in logistics operations

Group 3 Optional Units – a minimum of ONE unit

  • J/601/7914 Moving and/or handling goods in logistics operations
  • H/601/7922 Use equipment to move goods in logistics operations
  • A/601/8994 Use a forklift side-loader in logistics operations
  • M/601/8992 Use an industrial forklift truck in logistics operations
  • T/601/8993 Use a hoist in logistics operations
  • F/601/8995 Use a compact crane in logistics operations

Group 4 Optional Units – a minimum of ONE unit

  • T/601/7911 Keep stock at required levels in logistics operations
  • D/601/7935 Check stock levels and stock records

Group 5 Optional Units – a minimum of ONE unit

  • D/601/7921 Operate equipment to perform work requirements in logistics operations
  • K/601/7923 Receive goods in logistics operations
  • J/601/7928 Maintain the safety and security of hazardous goods and materials in logistics operations
  • L/601/7932 Process returned goods in logistics operations 2 R/601/7933 Sort goods and materials for recycling or disposal in logistics operations
  • Y/601/7934 Supervise the receipt, storage or dispatch of goods
  • Y/601/7920 Contribute to the provision of customer service in logistics operations
  • H/600/6578 Principles of food safety in logistics

Why take the NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing and Storage?

The NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing and Storage recognises the skills and experience of those working within warehouses.

The qualification offers those already working within a warehouse the opportunity to gain professional recognition of their competence in their role, and those new to warehousing and storage some of the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their role.

Depending on which optional units you choose, some of the key skills and information this NVQ level 2 covers includes:

  • Operating equipment.
  • Storing goods safely.
  • Warehouse health and safety best practice.
  • Processing and assembling orders.
  • Cleaning and hygiene in logistics operations.
  • Managing stock.

Completing the NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing and Storage is an excellent way of both improving your knowledge, skills, and confidence, and boosting your employability to help progress your career in warehousing.

What are the entry requirements?

There are no formal entry requirements for taking this NVQ level 2 certificate.

However, candidates should already be employed in a warehousing role such as warehouse operative, warehouse supervisor, stock control assistant, or forklift truck supervisor.

This is because this is a work-based qualification and is usually assessed through workplace observation.

How long does it take to complete and what does the course involve?

The NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing and Storage requires candidates to prove their competence in each of the qualification’s criteria.

This is done by being observed whilst on the job and gathering paperwork or documentary evidence.

All the evidence gathered is then compiled into a portfolio of proof to be assessed.

There is no set timescale for completing this level 2 certificate. Candidates gather the evidence at their own pace, so the total time spent completing the NVQ can vary. On average, it usually takes around 6 – 12 months to complete.

How is the NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing and Storage assessed?

This NVQ level 2 certificate is assessed based on the content and quality of the portfolio of evidence submitted.

Evidence is gathered using a variety of methods including workplace observation and documentation of conversations with your assessor.

At the start of the qualification, all learners are assigned their own qualified assessor who will observe them on the job, help with gathering evidence for their portfolio, and act as a point of contact to provide help and advice with completing the qualification.

Once you are happy that your portfolio is complete, you will submit it to the exam board to be assessed. If your portfolio is deemed to demonstrate your competence, you will be awarded the NVQ level 2 certificate.

What will I gain from this qualification?

Once qualified with an NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing and Storage, individuals will receive a nationally recognised certificate demonstrating their knowledge and skills working in warehousing and storage.

Completing this qualification gives individuals working in warehousing confidence to carry out their role with skill and competence.

Holding an NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing and Storage can also help you to progress your career in your existing role or improve your employability when looking for a new job.

Once you have completed this qualification, you will also be eligible to continue your learning by progressing to the NVQ level 3 in Warehousing and Storage.

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