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NVQ: Level 3 - Diploma in Fenestration Installation


What is the NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Fenestration Installation?

The NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Fenestration Installation is a work-based qualification aimed at those who install doors, windows, and conservatories or curtain walling.

The qualification doesn’t involve any training, instead, it requires you to gather evidence of your competency in all aspects of window, door, and conservatory installation whilst you’re on the job and then compile this evidence into a personal portfolio.

Who is this qualification for?

This NVQ Level 3 qualification is aimed at those who install doors, windows and conservatories or curtain walling and wanting to gain a qualification that formally recognises their skills and experience.. This qualification is at Level 3 and should be taken by those who are experienced installers capable of dealing with a wide range of problems, including working with installations that have complex requirements, and who can deal with all aspects of an installation, including the identification and rectification of technical problems. Candidates may be required to show the skills and knowledge to assess products or work procedures and identify possible improvements.

Candidates may take a technical or supervisory role, particularly in relation to less-experienced installers. They will also work closely with colleagues and have a well-developed knowledge of the industry and the regulations and legislation that apply.

Completion of this NVQ will allow you to apply for a Gold CSCS Trade card.

Mandatory Units (All to be completed)

  • A/600/7624 Maintain Health and Safety within the Fenestration Installation Working Environment
  • J/600/7657 Identify and Rectify Technical Problems in a Glass or Glass Related Working Environment
  • R/600/8262 Improve the Work of the Organisation through the use of Resources, Communication and Working Relationships in a Glass or Glass Related Working Environment
  • Y/600/6691Identify and Confirm Installation Requirements in Glass and Related Work

Optional Units Group 1 (1 Unit Required)

  • A/600/8269 Install Conservatories
  • F/602/4974 Remove and Install Box Sash Windows
  • J/602/4975 Remove and Install Oriel Windows
  • K/600/6677 Post Curtain Walling Activity
  • M/602/4971 Install Bay Windows
  • R/601/9200 Create Datum Points for Curtain Wall Installation
  • R/602/4977 Remove and Install Rooflight Windows
  • T/602/4969 Remove Bay Windows
  • Y/602/4978 Install Facetted, Structurally Glazed or Unitised Curtain Walling Systems

Optional Units Group 2 (1 Unit Required)

  • A/600/7655 Assess the Quality of Materials and Components in a Glass or Glass Related Working Environment
  • H/600/8430 Maintain/Repair Windows and Doors or Conservatories
  • J/602/4426 Control the Installation of Doors and Windows, or Conservatories, or Curtain Walling
  • T/600/7363 Promote and Maintain Health and Safety within Glass or Glass Related Working Environment
  • Y/600/8151 Ensure Resources are available to meet Work Requirements in a Glass or Glass Related Working Environment

Optional Units Group 3 (1 Unit Required)

  • R/600/6687 Install Curtain Walling Systems
  • T/600/8416 Install Window and Door
  • Y/600/8425 Install Glass and/or Panels into Windows and Doors

Optional Unit Group 4 (1 Unit Required)

  • K/600/8445 Understanding the Building Regulations in the Fenestration Industry
  • A/503/0536 Knowledge of Building Regulations and Legislation in Facades

Why take the NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Fenestration Installation?

By completing this qualification, you can prove your skill in your trade, and your competence in carrying out your role professionally and according to safe working practices, building regulations, and other relevant legislation.

Some of the key areas of the job that this qualification will prove your skill in include:

  • Health and safety within fenestration installation.
  • Identifying and fixing technical problems.
  • Identifying installation requirements.

You can also tailor this qualification to the area of fenestration installation that you work in or wish to pursue further when selecting from the qualification’s optional units.

Taking an NVQ will help you to consolidate your knowledge and become more qualified in your role.

Completing this Level 3 Diploma also allows you to upgrade your CSCS card to a Gold CSCS Supervisory card.

What are the entry requirements?

This qualification is aimed at those who are already working within a role where they install windows, doors, and conservatories. Individuals should have some experience in the role and be confident at performing all aspects of an installation, including problem-solving and fixing any problems that should arise.

How long does it take to complete and what does the course involve?

This qualification involves candidates putting together a personal portfolio of evidence of their competence in all aspects of fenestration installation.

Most of the evidence you provide will be paperwork evidence, this can include question and answer sheets, records of conversations, and observational reports. You may also submit multimedia files as evidence, including audio or video files.

There is no training involved and candidates gather the evidence at their own pace depending on how much time they can commit to the qualification.

Because of this, the length of time that the qualification takes to complete can vary from one candidate to the next. Most people can complete the qualification within 6 to 12 months.

How is the NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Fenestration Installation assessed?

When you apply to take the Level 3 NVQ in Fenestration Installation you will be assigned an assessor. Your assessor is there to help you to gather the evidence required, guide you, and answer any questions you may have about the qualification.

Primarily, your assessor will communicate with you remotely by telephone or email. They may also come and visit you on-site occasionally to help gather evidence for your personal portfolio.

Once you have gathered proof of your competence in all the qualification’s criteria, you will submit your personal portfolio to be assessed internally.

If your portfolio meets all the required criteria, then you will be pronounced ‘competent’ and awarded the certification.

What will you gain from completing the NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Fenestration Installation?

Completing the NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Fenestration Installation provides you with a formally recognised qualification that you can put on your CV.

Holding this qualification proves your competence in your role and allows you to apply for your Gold CSCS supervisory card which can help to progress your career into a supervisory or management role.

Once you have completed the NVQ Level 3 qualification, you are also eligible to start working towards another qualification at a higher level, helping you to progress up the career ladder.

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