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NVQ: Level 2 - Diploma in Curtain Wall Installation


What is the NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Curtain Wall Installation?

The NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Curtain Wall Installation can be taken by those who are already employed in a role where they install curtain walls to provide formal recognition of their skills, experience, and competence.

Curtain walls are exterior aesthetic walls that are used to wrap a building and give it a more modern appearance, they are not structural and are designed to hold only their own weight. Curtain walls are lightweight and are usually made from aluminium or glass.

Most curtain wall installers learn their trade on the job rather than by taking a qualification. Taking this NVQ is a way to prove your competence in your role and progress your career in construction. Completion of this NVQ will allow you to apply for a Blue CSCS Trade card.

Who is this qualification for?

This qualification is aimed at those who work as installers of curtain walling systems. The standards cover the most important aspects of the job. This qualification is at Level 2, although some qualifications may have units at different levels, and should be taken by those who are fully trained to deal with routine assignments. Candidates should require minimum supervision in undertaking the job. Candidates for this qualification will primarily be: Working on-site Installing Curtain Wall Systems Candidates could have jobs entitled: Curtain Wall Installer Screen Wall Installer

Completion of this NVQ will allow you to apply for a Blue CSCS Trade card.

Mandatory Units (All to be completed)

  • A/600/7624 – Maintain Health and Safety in the Fenestration Installation Working Environment
  • A/600/7364 – Communicating and Working with Others in the Glass and Related Working Environments
  • K/600/7649 – Locate, Transport, Handle and Position and Materials and Components in Fenestration Installation
  • Y/600/6691 -Identify and Confirm Installation Requirements in Glass and Related Work
  • R/600/6687 – Install Curtain Walling Systems
  • F/600/6684 – Install Infill Units into Curtain Walling Systems

Optional Units (1 Required)

  • K/600/6677 – Post Curtain Walling Activity
  • Y/600/6660 – Knowledge of Curtain Walling Systems
  • A/600/7638 – Prepare the Site, Equipment and Tools for Fenestration Installation

Who is this NVQ qualification suitable for?

This NVQ qualification is suitable for those who are already employed as curtain wall installers or screen wall installers and are experienced in their role. Applicants should be at a level where they require minimal supervision at work and can confidently deal with complex requirements.

This NVQ does not involve any training, exams, or time out of work, instead it requires learners to provide evidence of their competence in each of the qualification’s criteria.

This evidence can come in different forms, including paperwork, observations by your assessor, and records of conversations, all of which should be gathered whilst applicants are on-site at work. Once all the evidence required has been gathered, it should be compiled into a portfolio for submission to the exam board.

What will you learn?

The NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Curtain Wall Installation is comprised of six mandatory units and three optional units, of which one must be selected.

Key topics covered include health and safety, installing curtain wall systems, installing infill units, identifying installation requirements, and handling materials and components.

Whilst candidates should already have a sound understanding of all the units covered, taking this NVQ can be an ideal way of brushing up and consolidating their knowledge on the legislation, guidelines, and best practices surrounding curtain wall installation.


Many people complete the NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Curtain Wall Installation to help to progress their career in construction.

Once you have completed the qualification and been awarded the diploma you will be eligible to apply for a Blue Skilled Worker CSCS Card.

Adding this NVQ to your CV is also a great way to boost your employability when searching for a new role in the future.

Once you have achieved your level 2 diploma, you may also wish to further your knowledge and take another NVQ at a higher level. Popular NVQs to progress to include the Leadership Qualification (OWS) Level 3 and the Management Qualification Level 3.

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