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Construction services are in high demand, making now a great time to progress your career in the industry.

Whether you’re just starting your career in construction or have many years of experience working in the industry, gaining a recognised qualification in your trade or profession can be very beneficial.

A construction NVQ is a qualification that acts as recognition and proof of your skills and knowledge within a particular role or skill within the construction industry.

Having one or more NVQs under your belt can help you to gain credibility and trust within the industry, opening doors to further opportunities to progress your career.

What is an NVQ?

NVQ stands for National Vocational Qualification, a work-based qualification that tests an individual’s practical skills.

An NVQ demonstrates that you have the practical skills and knowledge you require to carry out a particular trade or profession.

There are five levels of NVQ (not including entry level), allowing people of all different levels of experience to benefit from taking one. NVQs are practical, work-based qualifications, meaning you can learn and be assessed whilst on the job.

How can an NVQ benefit me?

An NVQ gives official recognition of your skills and knowledge within your trade or profession, this can help you to:

  • Kickstart your career.
  • Improve your employability.
  • Prove your capability to customers/clients.
  • Obtain a CSCS card.
  • Gain access to other qualifications.
  • Brush up your knowledge of important industry standards and best practice.

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How to get an NVQ

No matter which path your construction career is taking, you will find that gaining a relevant NVQ can help to expand your knowledge, develop your skills, and progress your career.

You can gain an NVQ in a wide range of competencies in the construction industry, including occupational health and safety practice, steel erecting, plant operations, and construction site management.

Anyone can take an NVQ, you don’t require any other formal qualifications. You can also continue to earn whilst you learn as NVQs are completed on the job by answering written questions relating to your job and being observed at work. You will also need to put together a portfolio containing evidence of your ability to complete particular tasks or duties relating to the NVQ.

Take a construction NVQ with SB Skills

Here at SB Skills, we offer a wide range of construction NVQs from level 2 courses all the way through to level 7.

Our professional and affordable NVQ courses are trusted by some of the UK’s leading construction companies due to the exceptional expertise and industry experience that our qualified assessor possesses.

View our full range of construction NVQs online or give our friendly team a call at 01695 558420 for more information.